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Returns and Cancellations

You have the right to return products purchased and ask for replacement or refund (with deposit to your bank account), since the nature of clothing and footwear is such that sometimes may not meet your expectations due to non-physical presence in the market.

Return non-faulty goods
We believe that the online store should not differ in anything from a physical store so whether the return is due to change size, color or for any other reason, you can ask for a refund within 15 working days of receipt.

If the refund is not made within 15 working days then mossiou dancewear can not accept any return for replacement or cancel the transaction. As return date we define the shipment date that is written on the courier receipt.

In each case, the returned goods must be in the state received from the client, complete and undamaged and the packaging is that which normally accompanies the product and is in excellent condition with all the documents accompanying the product. The return costs are charged to the sender.

Briefly the return and replacement of a product is feasible under the following conditions:

at first you contact us on the phone or send an email to” data-mce-href=”mailto:“> justifying the reason of return
the return is  to take place within 15 working days from receipt
the product is not used
the product is packed in its original packaging and accompanied by all labels
the product is accompanied by all necessary documents evidencing the transaction

If the product does not meet the above requirements will be returned to sender.

Return Defective Products
In cases where mossiou dancewear sold defective products and poor quality or took an erroneous in ordering,pricing, shipping, damaged in transportation, poor packaging, etc. then we assume full responsibility for the replacement cost reimbursement (so it will deposit the equivalent cost in a bank account that will be suggested), as well as the costs of reshipment. The repayment terms remain the same as mentioned above.